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Memorial Stamps

Memorial stamps are issued, as the name recommends, celebrating imperative occasions, unmistakable identities in different fields, parts of nature, excellent or uncommon greenery, ecological issues, horticultural exercises, national/worldwide issues, diversions and so on. These stamps are just accessible at Philatelic Bureaux and counters or under the Philatelic Deposit Account Scheme. They are imprinted in restricted amounts.
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An occasion which isn’t broadly critical e​nough to be celebrated by issue of a Commemorative/Special stamp or for which a stamp can’t be obliged in the yearly issue program might be remembered by the Department by issue of Special Covers which can be dropped with an uncommon wiping out at the
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mail station chose for the reason. Such covers can likewise be issued at the case of private gatherings on installment of essential charges. These spreads should bear least postage stamps of any caring equal to the base inland letter mail rate. Points of interest

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